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Steven Gagnon
2 min readFeb 10, 2022

While entrepreneurs have many ways to connect with their audience, email remains of the best tools they can be using. Emails sent to customers, clients, followers, or investors should be meaningful and written in an effective way. Consider these useful email practices for entrepreneurs.

A Solid Subject Line

A good subject line should instantly capture the attention of an entrepreneur’s audience. It shouldn’t be vague or something that could be mistaken as spam and shouldn’t be too complicated. Instead, it should make a reader curious and have some kind of element that feels personal to the entrepreneur’s intended audience.

A Well Thought-Out Body

The real purpose of an email is communicated in its body. Any entrepreneur would be wise to write the body of their email with the intention of making it about the reader instead of themselves. The intent of the email should be clearly communicated, and it is not a good idea to use language that is too formal. An introductory email should offer something of value to the reader, which can be as simple as a business opportunity, some solid suggestions, or to introduce someone else who can offer help to them.

Monthly Report Emails

Many entrepreneurs miss out on some of the best opportunities when they don’t focus on creating a support system . A good monthly email to mentors, shareholders, or other supporters can go a long way towards creating success. Some entrepreneurs share parts of their entrepreneurial journey or experiences in these kinds of emails. It is a good idea to include any achievements or accomplishments in a monthly report as well as any challenges that have been faced along the way. This is where an entrepreneur can reach out for help if needed. Any new developments or product launches can also be included.

Close The Email In A Sincere Way

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of skipping out on the creation of a sincere closing to their emails. Doing so can help to clarify what is meant in the email and can help readers to understand what is coming next. It is also good practice to create a solid call-to-action before finishing an introductory email. This can help to keep the connection between the entrepreneur and their intended audience solidly in place.



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