Steven Gagnon on Common Injuries in Soccer and How to Prevent Them

Steven Gagnon
2 min readDec 21, 2021


Soccer is a sport that has many common injuries. The most common injuries are strains and sprains. However, there are other injuries worth watching out for (and preventing) as well.

Athletes would do well to remember what injuries are most common in their sport and how to prevent them. Read below to get a better understanding of what injuries may lie in store for a soccer player.

Strains and Sprains

Strains are over-stretching or tearing of the muscles. A sprain is an injury to ligaments, which hold your bones together at joints. These injuries frequently happen when you push yourself too hard in practice or during games. This is especially true when one skips warming up properly beforehand. Additionally, one is more at risk when they fail to stretch after the game or practice.

Stop playing immediately and get help from one of your coaches or an athletic trainer if you feel pain! To prevent strains and sprains, always warm up before playing (and stretch after). Don’t try to be Superman in the game if you’re not feeling 100%. It’s better to take it easy and save your energy for the next round.


This injury happens when a person doesn’t get enough blood flow to their brain, which can be caused by pushing yourself too hard. Stop playing and rest immediately if you feel lightheaded or dizzy during practice or games! You should also tell your coach about feeling faint, so they know what’s going on with you. To prevent this injury, start slowly during practice and games. Don’t try to be the hero if you’re not feeling 100%. It’s better to take it easy so you have enough energy for the next game or practice.

Heat Injuries

If you feel sick to your stomach, lightheaded, or dizzy during practice or games in hot weather, stop playing immediately and get help from a coach! Ensure the field is well-watered before play begins to prevent this injury. You should also dress in lightweight clothing to keep you cool while practicing or playing.

Do you feel any pain when playing soccer? If so, you should consider reading out to a medical professional to ensure that nothing more concerning is happening. The best way to avoid a more serious injury down the line is by taking minor injuries seriously as they come up.

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