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Steven Gagnon
2 min readDec 21, 2021

Getting big in the music industry is a dream for many people. To accomplish this dream takes a lot of hard work. The problem is that many people don’t truly understand where to start when it comes to making and releasing music, keeping artists at a standstill for a long time. These are the ways musicians have been able to make it big in the music industry.


When looking to release music, a musician needs to think about how they will release it. The most significant musicians in the world utilize a professional music label to release their music.

The downside of working with a large music label is that you can be limited in what music you’re able to release to the public while also being forced to give a cut of your profits to that label. Independent artists are free to release whatever they want, but independent artists aren’t given the assets that make it easier to succeed.


After you’ve decided how you want to release music, it’s time for you to build up a fanbase. The larger the fanbase, the more considerable amount of money you’ll be making in the long run.

For example, you’ll be able to sell out merchandise and tour stops all of the time if you have a dedicated fanbase that’s willing to spend money on you. On the other end, you have artists that make it big on the radio but don’t do well touring because they don’t have a fanbase to back them up.


Lastly, you’re going to have to think about how you will get your music to fans. Music distribution is the most complicated it’s ever been due to how many ways consumers get their music.

First, you’ll want to ensure you have all of your music on streaming platforms. This allows free and paid subscribers of streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify to be able to search and listen to your music in seconds.

If you have a fanbase that wants to own your music, you’ll want to make physical copies like CDs and vinyl. Artists need to be warned that physical distribution can be quite expensive, so they should figure out how many physical copies of their albums they will sell before getting them produced.

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